What is a Case2Case?
An all cardboard, easily recycled, CD or DVD case. The case is latched by using the CD itself as the strike.
How does it work?

The CD is stored in a pocket and/or liner which doubles as the front (or back) cover. A finger-sized slot in the pocket lets a music fan either slide the CD out of the cover, or under a lip of the case, locking the cover in place. See the movie or slide show for more details.

What are the main features?
  • Doesn't crack like those ubiquitous, fragile plastic jewel cases.
  • Fully recyclable, and made from (mostly) recycled paper.
  • Half the weight of a plastic jewel case (1.2 oz vs 2.75), which lowers shipping costs and is friendlier to the environment
  • Easy to tell if the CD is stored in the case just by glancing at the window. No more bringing music to a friends house, only to discover the box is empty.
  • Standard size and dimensions, so the case will fit existing storage shelves at home or in a store.
  • Unlike paper sleeves, plenty of room on the spine for a title or indexing.
  • Space inside the box for liner notes or booklets.
  • CD protected from scratches and impact.
  • Can be screen printed, lithographed or laminated with four color artwork.

A better alternative.

US Patent Application 20090055844
Variations on a theme
Same design can be manufactured in plastic, metal or even bamboo. With or without side panels to seal against dust. A tamper-resistant decal could bond the cover to the spine, or the case can be enveloped by a clear cellulose film.
Anything greener?
Well, electronic music distribution probably takes fewer resources than even cardboard packages (though powering server farms and internet routers have ecological impacts of their own), but digital and physical formats will co-exist for a while longer. In the future I expect most music will be given away for "free" in bulk, supported by advertising or sponsorship- here's my prediction from 2003.
Order Info
Due to slowdown purchases of physical CDs, only orders of 5000 or more cases being accepted at this time. Contact Greg here.
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