pane FAQ

What is the pane?
A "roller blind" that resides within an insulated glass window. When the c))motion roll is exposed to high temperatures or a bright sunny day, the roll uncoils, thus blocking light from entering a room. When the sun is covered by a cloud, or on hazy days, the roll remains closed, and the view is unimpeded.
Why does it uncurl?
The roll of c))motion is attached to the outer window pane along its top edge. The natural curl in the plastic prevents it from unfurling under gravity. But, when heated the plastic uncurls, and thus slowly unwinds and descends from the top to the bottom of the insulated window.
What's it good for?
Saving energy. While many companies make automated blinds to adjust solar transmission based on time of day and intensity, these systems are expensive, mechanically complex and require every window to be wired for sensors and motors. By comparison, pane is passive, inexpensive and effective.

A sheet of black plastic that is very green.
To preserve a view through the window when the c))motion strip is unfurled, the plastic can be made semi-transparent or perforated into a mesh.

Commercial versions will require a thin guide strip and axle for alignment and reduced friction.
Yes. See US Patent family 6966812 and continuations. Please contact Greg for more information.
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