talus comotion c((motion

What is the schmoo?
A loop of c))motion plastic. Nothing more. Or less.
Why does it spin?
The loop of plastic is oriented so when heated on one side (i.e. the side facing a lamp), it bulges towards the light. This bulge shifts the apex of the loop upwards towards the heat source. As the axle is no longer directly below the apex of the loop, the schmoo slips and slides to "rehang" the schmoo back on the axle. This rotation swings a cooler section of plastic towards the lamp, and the cycle repeats.
What's it good for?
Not much- this is merely a design study. But, it does illustrate how easily simple structures can evolve to execute complex motions. In particular, rotary motion can arise from bending motions simply by looping a filament around a circle- under the right circumstances.

These forces are VERY low, and by no means is a schmoo a practical way to generate power.
Yes. See US Patent 6966812
Why is this called a schmoo?
Well, look at the shape. And its passive, friendly nature.
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