talus twofold faq

Vital Stats
Cube 6" on a side
Moon 8" diameter
Garage 6"x5"x8"

Doubles in size when inverted

Fabric covered soft foam elements, sewn together at the edges into a three dimensional shape. One or two edges are left unconnected so the interior can be "inverted" through the edge, interchanging the exterior with the interior.

What holds the TwoFolds together?
Geometry. The TwoFold is like a foam geodesic dome, where each facet is part of an arch stabilized by its neighbors. There are no springs, latches or stiffners required. Although the foam pieces are distorted during inversion and pulled through an unhinged-edge, they return to their original shape when released. Every foam shape is carefully designed to nest alongside their neighbors- almost as if they were carved from a single mass.
Patent Pending
Can any shape be made into a "TwoFold"?
Nope. Very few three dimensional shapes are stable in two geometries, can be inverted through one or two edges, AND fit together like puzzle-pieces in either stable position.
However, in addition to the three shapes demonstrated, we have constructed models of a hockey puck into a basketball, a three dimensional Greek-cross into a cube, the US Capital building into a rectangle, and numerous inverting regular polyhedra.
Order Info
Only volume orders (5000 pieces) are being taken at this time. Click info button for details.
Many interesting sites about polyhedra, geometrical packing, and origami.
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