slide rule wall clock mockup

A simple mockup of the clock based on LEGOs and LEGO Mindstorms. Unlike a prototype, a mockup rarely matches the final design in size, shape or full functionality. But it does help potential customers and manufacturers appreciate the concept, without resorting to computer simulations or blueprints.

The base of the clock was constructed from standard LEGOs, encasing two mindstorm servo motors. At the corners of the base are four switches, used to support the "slider". By pressing the corners of the slider its possible to set the hours and minutes.

The actual clock ticks once a minute. To quickly illustrate a few cycles in a short movie, the clock was reprogrammed to move in five minute increments every few seconds. There are two limit switches at the end of each ruler- if the clock is running fast or slow (due to wear or battery capacity), the software adjusts scan speed accordingly.

exploded clock

finished clock