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Do I need *really* need this product? Well, if you're happy winding your earphone cord around a music player or phone, or leaving it stuck in your ear for hours at a time, probably not. But, if you typically stuff the earphone in your pocket or backpack, or spend minutes each day unknotting a rat's nest of wires, or had a cable break, or own more than one earphone, the fig8 cord organizer will make your life a little bit easier.
Why a "figure eight" pattern? This pattern alternately twists the cord clockwise and counterclockwise, thus averaging out any tendency of the cable to tangle or curl.
Can't I just wind the cord around the "U" in a loop instead of a figure8? Yes, you can. And it is a bit faster. But, without the figure8 pattern, the cord often tangles when released. Still, feel free to experiment.
Fifteen seconds is a LONG time to spend winding the cord around the fig8! Compared to a frustrating minute or two unknotting a mass of tangled cables, its a bargain. And the fig8 unreels in the blink of an eye- so the TOTAL time packing/unpacking the cord is really quite short.
Should I wind from the headset or plug end? Your choice, either direction works. If you hang the fig8 on a backpack from the optional detachable loop, its best to start from the headset end. This way, the extra weight keeps the fig8 balanced below the loop.
Does the fig8 work with all cords? Well, with most. A few are too long (beyond about 52"), and some headsets designed with integrated (and bulky) microphones require a bit of care to wind compactly. See the Tips and Tricks page for assistance in winding safely and compactly. The fig8 is compatible with iphone/pod, Bose and other similar headsets.
How much does it weigh? How large is it? The fig8 weighs less than half an ounce (13 gms). Its 1.85" x 2.1" x 0.8" in size (47mm x 54mm x 20mm). The color is a translucent oyster shell (white to light gray depending on the light).
What is the fig8 made from? A very tough plastic called ABS. Someday, when music streams directly into our brains and there is no longer a reason to carry around a headset, please recycle your fig8.
Is the fig8 patented? Yes, under US D623501 and US D623502. fig8 trademark registered under 3,849,896 with the USPTO

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