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Tips and tricks

Snap the plug IN to your music player before releasing the cord. Greatly reduces the chance the earpieces will become snagged by the cord.  

How to wind an earphone cord which doubles as an inline microphone. Most "mics" are small and can be protected within the fig8. Just start winding at the right point.

Remember, to prevent damage to the cord,wind gently rather than tightly.


How to wind a bulky cord with a blob-like inline microphone. The key is to wind the cord so the bulky parts end up outside the 'U". Takes a little practice, but then becomes natural. May not work with every cord on the market.

These are exactly the cords which tangle unforgivingly.


How to use the optional hanging cord loop:

Attach the "D" ring to a backpack or other snap. Squeeze the loop's connector to remove.

How to wind a cord with different length earplug wires. Wind from the plug end up to the shorter earphone. Then finish with the longer earphone. Reverse winding to release.  

Shorten other wires and cords. For example, if your mouse or power supply cord is too long, use the fig8 to adjust the exposed cord's length.

Works best with thin cords (like those on an earphone).

shorten other cords


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